My Manjhi Story – 10

If a Telugu-speaking guy would talk to me for some time he would identify that my words match with one or the other song they had listened and they are correct… much of my thinking is shaped by a lyricist named Sri “Sirivennela” SeethaRama Sastry, much before he could enter my life… his songs had […]

My Manjhi Story – 9

All these years of my life, a lot of people have been my ‘manjhi’, who came in outof nowhere, guided and left. It’s hard to keep a count of it afterall ‘I am a part of all that I have met’. There were too many people on the boat stirring, but I found the one […]

My Manjhi Story – 8

My ‘ Manjhi story’ A fathers girl, I grew up with my dad although I was with my entire family of mom, younger brother, great grandmother, grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins.  As a child I always used to be dads’ pure disciple and would love to see the world through his eyes. Pretty normal may […]

My Manjhi Story – 7

Maanjhi,the boatman .Maanjhi is one who helps you or rather makes you cross the river through all turbulence and guiding the boat in right direction ,to the shore where u want to travel .He or she is a guide,an instrument a Co passenger in your journey .Of course you meet many maanjhis but the whom […]

My Manjhi Story – 6

It was my first visit to Ellora in the 80ies and I was about to leave, when a man passing me whispered „visit cave number X“ (I don’t remember the number).  It was a cave with a huge Buddha, so I sat in front of him, to meditate when I realised that the low evening […]

My Manjhi Story – 5

I had just entered my final year of Bhms, i have always followed and been a big fan of Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM SAHAB, I had read sir’s autobiography but one book which i desperately wanted to read and was not able to was Transcendence : My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji! I had it […]

My Manjhi Story – 4

I’m a 23yr old student(bhms), ive always naturally been inclined towards spirituality and enquiry although there is no one in my family or friends who have the same interests.  Just consuming content online, i later went for a 10 day vipassana course to explore. Seeking for enlightenment in 10 days, i got to know how […]

My Manjhi Story – 3

Manjhi cannot be used as a singular term in my life as there are many great souls and importantsituations which turned out to guide me and help me become who I am now.I walked into my first year in Homeo medical college with the mixed feeling of being able to takethe first step to my […]

My Manjhi Story – 2

I was a girl totally dependent esp on a friend of mine for trivial of the matters to the matters the very big… I would seek advices, suggestions, decisions for everything from her and then she also unknowingly seemed to deliver the same advices or decisions to me even when not asked for , and […]

My Manjhi Story – 1

Although I have many people in my life who transformed me in various ways to be a better version of myself. But the most special one is Dinesh Ghodke. When I did my first Online AMP in 2020 during the time of crisis with all this pandemic, it was a total surreal experience. The deepest negative feeling that triggered my illness […]