My Manjhi Story – 7

Maanjhi,the boatman .Maanjhi is one who helps you or rather makes you cross the river through all turbulence and guiding the boat in right direction ,to the shore where u want to travel .He or she is a guide,an instrument a Co passenger in your journey .Of course you meet many maanjhis but the whom I remembered or face of whom which came in my mind was my Aai ,Paternal aunt of my husband but everyone called her Aai very fondly .She had lost her family in earthquake years back and had been staying with my father in law,not even sharing any blood relation .but She had promised our family head of being with my father in law ,come what may ! She was true to her word ,took care of my husband his siblings better than their own mother and they also were more close and respectful towards her.My mother in law was a difficult ,aggressive,immature lady .

I bonded with Aai immediately as she was very affectionate,smiling ,wise old lady with her one tooth smile .Very caring .She was my sole support whenever I had any issues with my in laws I would run to her .She was religious,mostly with closed eyes,silently meditating .She was a close confidante who would say my stomach is like a deep well if u tell me something ,it will never come out .When my mother in law had gone out ,she would get up before me,do everything and tell me to rest as I had just delivered.At night also if my son cried ,she would come to my room and put him to sleep.She was more like a caring mom.not just that I can never forget her dialogues,whenever we asked her when would we meet again ,she would say whenever it is destined in our language jab daana pani hoga.Whenever anything bad happened she would say ,there ought to be something good in that in hindi isme bhi bhalai hogi .She supported me in all my adversities but later on due to some misunderstanding I became bitter towards her,but she didn’t say a word,she would always talk nicely.I was not patient with her in her illness and in that also she taught me how we realize somebody’s importance after losing them .There is no use regretting ,it’s better to be nice with everyone when they are living and not allow misunderstanding  to corrode a beautiful bond .She has always been my maanjhi and her memories are always my guiding star.


Dr.Anita Bajaj