Dr. Kshiti has been a blessing to me and my son. My son Arjun was severely asthmatic and we started Dr Sankaran’s medicine on the suggestion of my guruji who I have complete belief in. Once we started the medicine there were a few hiccups and that was dealt with. Dr. Kshiti wasn’t my original doctor but I got transferred under her care with her being a senior doctor, she dealt the case with extreme care and love. My son was a 3 year old and he had been through a lot. She has made sure she would check on me every time Arjun was unwell. Even with time difference she was just a message away for me. She is truly been a blessing. A doctor every child should have. When we started the treatment, Arjun needed maintenance inhalers every single day. It has been more than 2 years that all his steroid and broncho-dilator inhalers have been totally stopped.

Khayti Sheth – Mother of Arjun Sheth from Virginia, USA

I started homeopathic treatment for my Asthma with Dr. Sankaran’s Clinic. Since then I have been under the care of Dr. Kshiti. There was a time when I needed to use an inhaler twice a day. Over a period of time, thanks to her treatment, I have been able to virtually eliminate the need for an inhaler. I have also been able to take up running and sports activities which I had previously had to give up due to respiratory issues.

The term Care Giver applies completely for Dr. Kshiti. I have found that she is always there when I have needed her,  both for any acute or chronic situation. Her patient and compassionate manner is very comforting and gives me the feeling that I am talking to a good friend who really cares about my health and wellbeing.

I consider myself very lucky to be under her care.

Prashanth Bharadwaj from Mumbai, India

My younger son was barely two months old when we consulted Dr. Sankaran for bronchiolitis. From then on, he has been under the care of Dr. Kshiti. We have found Dr. Kshiti to be very competent and she has successfully dealt with all further episodes of wheezing, fevers, colds and many childhood illnesses of my son. She has been there supporting us at all times of our need. Her gentle, compassionate nature and dedication has shone through in every interaction of ours. We are truly grateful and immensely reassured that our children have her as their doctor.

Nisha Sashidharan – Mother of Atharv from Mumbai, India

I have been with Dr Sankaran’s  Clinic and interacting with Dr Gaurang Gaikwad for the past few years. Initially, I had approached them for my Asthma which was there from childhood. Living in Mumbai for the past several decades I had the occasion to approach many Homeopaths.

However, it was with Dr Gaurang at the clinic, that I really understood how homeopathy works. The need for treating the patient as a whole and the need for correct evaluation of the patient was understood by me thru Dr Gaurang.

It was also a painstaking and patient dealing by Dr Gaurang over the years which has resulted in identifying the correct constitutional medicines for me.

Today my Asthma is under control. My vitiligo for which there is no cure in allopathy is not only under control but reversing.

In fact, my whole family is with him and I do not hesitate in recommending anybody to the CLINIC.

My gift to my children is homeopathy.

Thank you, Dr Sankaran and Dr Gaurang.

Ranjan Bhatnagar

Hi, I’m here to share my experiences as a parent of my child who has been a patient of Dr.Sankaran and Dr.Faiza.

We were distressed because our child had been diagnosed with Auto-immune disorder Psoriasis and the doctors had told us that this disorder is incurable but can be maintained only through Allopathic medicines.

We tried some local Homeopaths before we landed at Dr.Sankaran’s clinic in January 2019. We did a lot of research about the possible treatment interventions for Psoriasis and the only hope we could find was through Homeopathy. When we searched for the best Homeopathic doctors in India online we got to know about Dr.Sankaran.

We’ve met Dr.Sankaran four times since then, twice online and twice face-to-face.

No doubt Dr.Faiza has been our constant support system at the clinic. She has always been there to help whether it was to share our feedback regarding the progress of our child or helping us with getting the medication well in time. We were always attended very promptly by Dr.Faiza with the treatment and medicines whenever we needed them. 

Unfortunately the past year has been very difficult for all of us across the globe but hats off to Dr.Faiza and the team of medicine distributors at Dr.Sankaran’s clinic we were never short of medicines even during those unprecedented times.

Dr.Faiza has been a beautiful link between us and Dr.Sankaran.

Our child is doing much better now though some eruptions are still there which I’m sure will be cured in due course of time since Homeopathy demands faith and patience.

Lot of gratitude to Dr.Sankaran and Dr.Faiza.

Perhaps we’ll never be able to express in words how kind she has been to us.

She’s indeed an asset at Dr.Sankaran’s clinic.

We wish her a lot of happiness and success in her personal and professional life which she truly deserves.

In 2017, while at work I felt major palpation. Had never experienced it before. So it was obvious for me to worry. Frankly, I am extremely emotional and have always been a paranoid person.

I got my ECG done which was fine and I was recommended complete rest by my GP. For some reason, I have never been comfortable with allopathy so decided to consult a homeopath. After much research and talking to a doctor friend, I decided to consult Dr. Sankaran.

After a detailed discussion with the panel of doctors, I started my beautiful evolving journey under the guidance of Dr. Faiza.

It was certainly not an easy case to handle. My breakdowns, my irrational questions, my cribs, they were all patiently heard. While I was recovering physically, I was getting better emotionally too. I was getting stronger and less paranoid.

The healing process is a transformation and I was blessed to have a calm and patient doctor like Dr. Faiza to guide me and heal me.

A great part of the healing journey of my life has been spent with Dr.Sankaran being my homeopath…he is not only  a  very good  doctor  but a very  nice human  being  too. He has a very efficient  team of assistant  doctors  who  are contactable 24 ×7×365…so it’s  very  relaxing for  me…his treatment  helps  us in knowing  ourselves  better  and being  peaceful….
Right  now ,since  quite  some  time my case is  being  handled  by  Dr. Susneha…I am very  comfortable  and  happy  with  her..She is  an honest, dedicated, patient and a caring  doctor…one who  is  always  ready to  help  when  the need be. She is very  selfless  too, as she has guided me many a times for my queries regarding  camfora for other people too….in the trying times  of the lockdown too she was always there when  I  needed her….
God bless her always 

Seema Shah

I know Dr Susneha Nadkarni for the Last 4 years. She’s is treating my son Shuklendu for his brain atrophy problem and other known patients for various ailments. I am greatly impressed because of her approach, skill, and dedication, starting from taking details, history to treatment. She periodically reviews progress, makes necessary changes in treatment. Also, she is always available to the patients in emergencies. Her humane approach has therefore rightly earned the praise of her patients. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Shuklendu Rode