My Manjhi Story – 8

My ‘ Manjhi story’

A fathers girl, I grew up with my dad although I was with my entire family of mom, younger brother, great grandmother, grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins. 

As a child I always used to be dads’ pure disciple and would love to see the world through his eyes. Pretty normal may be for many of us, but it was little more for me because he was a great company, very well read man, very enterprising and enchanting company, would support me and would navigate me through all my small paths in my little life. That was my 1st Manjhi in life. 

He was a very busy man though, hence Manjhi position had some part time vacancy too as I grew up. 

It was my primary school headmistress, some nice and kind teachers and later in life my boyfriend turned husband who I would look upto for any set backs small or big. 

As I grew up life had much more in store for me to challenge my abilities to take independent decisions. 

A major emotional setback in life and I went down with greatly ill health, something that needed me to completely take a look at myself.. but during that time I was still naïve to look around and like all sufferers in health would do, I started knocking the doors of every good Homeopath I could to understand me and my trouble. 

Being a homeopath myself I knew how important it were that my treating homeopath  understands me to deal with my ill health. 

I was suffering from very severe psoriasis and it lasted me for 8 years when I was in utter need of a person who could steer me through this. 

My quest for my cure lead me to Dr Sankaran and Dr Jayesh Shah as my doctors, my teachers and later while working with them, I started learning homeopathy in a different perspective, more than that I learnt about life from a different horizon.  

Eventually something clicked in me about my own perspective in all the events that happened that had triggered and maintained my ill-health. I realized that I had been foolishly angry and oversensitive emotionally in any given circumstance and that was uncalled for. 

This realization helped me a long way to my cure. I can thus call my teachers in homeopathy as my 2nd Manjhi. 

Few years later in 2019 I suffered a major crisis in life when my 1st part-time boatman, my father succumbed to cancer and I lost him to destiny. 

I had also screwed up with my mentor and some good colleagues and it was the universal crisis of the pandemic. Things changed drastically and I was all by my own.. seeking help wherever I could. 

I was under a major emotional and personality crisis. 

Listening  to podcasts, spiritual videos, reading self help books whenever I needed to quiet my mind helped superficially and the unrest would return. 

I sought guidance even where I should have been a guide.. like with my teenage daughter who was 16 by this time.  I would bug each one with my problems and questions.. 

I started speaking and seeking more from my close friends and sometimes from not so close friends and acquaintances too. 

My self esteem and confidence went low and I started having basic questions about the meaning of my existence. 

It was no less than an emotional storm, and I had no option but to take the soars in my own hands. 

I sat down and with the help of a friend and psychologist drew the map of my own emotions and thoughts. 

I started looking through it instead of asking others around and bugging them. 

when I started doing that I started feeling unleashed of my unwanted and uncalled for emotions and perceptions. 

I could breathe in my present moment and I understand that the present is only as much as the breath I inhale and exhale. 

This allows me to feel each breathe and be Wow about what comes along. 

I am now living a life which I can feel responsible for, come what may. 

I am the Manjhi of my own boat now and blissfully it seems like a permanent full time Manjhi till this boat sails. 

Thank you for allowing me to express and pen it down. 

Loving regards

Dr Kruti Bhuskute