My Manjhi Story – 5

I had just entered my final year of Bhms, i have always followed and been a big fan of Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM SAHAB, I had read sir’s autobiography but one book which i desperately wanted to read and was not able to was Transcendence : My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji!

I had it on my wishlist since a long time and i couldn’t wait to read it ever since i had ordered it,

Honestly after reading that book and i do recommend this book to everyone who’s on a path of spiritual quest, it’s a must read, 

as and when i got deeper into the book, chapter by chapter, i was deeply touched by the respect and regards Dr Kalam had for Pramukh Swamiji, now since i am a gujju i was very well aware of the swaminarayan sampradaya and the BAPS Sanstha, Gyanvatsalya Swami is still my go to motivational speaker when in need, so i was aware of BAPS org. But what i wasn’t aware of was the magnanimous personality of Bhagwan Pramukh Swami, now when i use the word bhagwan right next to a human name, is when i am fully convinced that Pramukh Swamiji was the living incarnation of Swaminarayan Bhagwan, as i got deeper into the realms of this beautiful book only good things unfolded for me,

I still remember one line Kalam sahab had written that Pramukh Swamiji was so great and portrayed the best possible picture of what a humble, humanitarian can be, he said that when the terrorist had attacked the akshardham temple and killed a few people, damaged the temple to a great percentage , after the terrorists were shot down and killed, Pramukh Swamiji himself went near there dead bodies, sprinkled gangajal and prayed for the peace of their souls, my goodness i was stunned reading those lines, if someone in traffic just slightly cuts us we get so agitated and get into unwanted quarrels, wherein here even after such huge lose, Swamiji still praying for them is something only someone with a magnanimous heart can do, Pramukh Swamiji definitely had one, 

it was after that book i realised i had found that spiritual connection with someone, i had listened to sadhguru, osho many other people but even though i had never ever seen Swamiji in my real life nor did i ever listened to any of his speeches, this book made me instantly get connected to him and i shall always be grateful to Dr Kalam who wrote this beautiful book!

Every since that day, whenever i am stuck or struggling somewhere, my subconscious mind directly starts praying to Pramukh Swamiji! And the things start getting easier and better, trust me ever since I’ve started keeping Swamiji in my thoughts and prayers my life has started changing to the better, i feel that this divine connection i made with Pramukh Swami was meant to happen when i was ready as a student, a student of philosophy and in constant search of life’s ultimate truth,

So in my spiritual journey, Pramukh Swamiji was my first Manjhi, i still whenever in doubt or trouble, remember his name and i feel this sense of tranquility and things start getting cleared and i receive my answers from the universe. But my Story doesn’t end here, after getting the very first experience of spirituality now i was in quest of more, the questions like who am i? What is the purpose of my human existence? These questions that once sounded useless to me suddenly started popping up in my mind again , and as it is rightly said in bible,

He that seeketh, finds

He that asks, receives,

He who knocks at doors, finds open doors,

So i started pondering upon these questions, whenever i am in doubt i go to my godfather Dr Ashish Nanabhai, i asked sir, sir what’s spirituality according to you, as clueless i was, sir said he was too but he said it was an individual realisation and it differed person to person!

So i was still in search of who am i? And other spiritual quests, so suddenly when i typed spirituality on youtube, a video of sandeep maheshwari, India’s biggest motivational speaker popped in, i watched the whole video at one go on “who am i?”

And watched his other videos, than other videos, video after video my understanding about spirituality started widening and i started getting the deeper meaning of life, so i hugely give credits to my 2nd manjhi Sandeep Maheshwari sir, since i am free lancing life coach and has always been his active listener of all his motivational videos, this time sandeep sir gave me a deeper meaning about life through his second youtube channel, sandeep maheshwari spirituality.

Now comes the best and one of the most enlightening experiences for me, my moment of self realisation and self discovery came through the blessings of my third manjhi of the spiritual quest!

So let’s get into this final part of my story!

Now the thing with youtube recommendation is that most of the times the recommendations are useless and a waste of time if we click it, but after watching few videos of sandeep maheshwari, a video again popped up, 

many years ago i used to get this video recommendations but seeing a sadhu in a saffron attire never made me click it, but now suddenly i dont know i clicked on that video, the name of the video was ” Swami Sarvapriyananda at IIT Kanpur – Who am i? According to mandukyaupanishad”

My goodness, that video was something, for the first time in my life had one and a half hour went so swiftly, my god the lecture was so engrossing that it kept me at the edge of the seat throughout, the way swami sarvapriyananda teaches is so subtle and simple yet so profound and impacting that even if today, it’s been around like six months i watched that video, even if today someone askes me to repeat the lecture and its essence i can easily do so even without revising my study notes, not only was i impressed by how beautifully Swamiji had answered my question of who am i? But also that what a wonderful teacher he is, and what lecturing skills he had, to keep the audience intact and so always focused is something very few lecturers are good at, atleast according to my knowledge which I’ve observed.

In that one and a half hour i learnt a lot about life and ofcourse got to know the answer to the question of who am i?

Swamiji uses a shloka from mandukyaupanishad wherein he says that he who understands this shloka of mandukyaupanishad gets the real meaning of who am i? So when Swamiji explained it he mentioned that people who have had a great previous life’s, have had good karmic balance , a clear consciousness and a clean heart this realisation can be immediate, there is no need to meditate for years and do tapasya, the truth is so simple yet unknown to the most, honestly sir believe me or not, I’ve always tried to live my life keeping everyone ahead and myself at the last, I’ve always tried to be a cheerful giver than a receiver, I’ve always tried to live my life ethically the way my father has guided me and maybe because of all this things and countless blessings, maybe i was lucky to have realised the real meaning of who am i? And in that very moment my quest and thirst of spirituality felt fulfilled and i was more than satisfied with what i had learnt and received that day, i have realised that we are just an observer like the station master who sees trains coming on station the whole day, he waves the flags, gives the signals, but all he can do is just watch every train, one by one pass by, i realised that whatever is meant to happen will always will, whatever is in your destiny you will always receive it, whatever you’ve sown down in this fertile lifeground of yours you’ll always reap it!

And lastly, I’ve realised that change is the only constant, this shree krishna has also mentioned and all the great thinkers of world have too, that change is the only constant, and no matter what happens life goes on, it always moves on, the spiritual experience i had with my third manjhi is something that literally changed me, it changed my perspective towards life and it changed the way i looked at things, although i am just a beginner, but i got the ultimate truth experience right at the very beginning of my spiritual journey, but like I said life goes on and me being a sincere student of life goes along tooooo!

Thank you sir for reading, i hope you liked my story about spirituality, I’ve rarely seen homeopathic doctors atleast the best of the world right now speak about spirituality like you do and of course your raga therapy is sooo soothing , but I’ve been following you sir ever since I’ve stepped into the realms of homoeopathy and i hope to sit under your shade someday and learn about homeopathy too, if at all destiny and universe permits! I wish you all the very best and tons of success on this new book of yours, like how your homoeopathy books have rocked our world, i hope this book will give some deep spiritual insights to all those who’ve been ignorant till date of this beautiful life and self actualisation.

Thank you sir 🙏🏻 🙌🏻 ❤️. Best wishes always

Chintan Chawda