My Manjhi Story – 4

I’m a 23yr old student(bhms), ive always naturally been inclined towards spirituality and enquiry although there is no one in my family or friends who have the same interests.  Just consuming content online, i later went for a 10 day vipassana course to explore. Seeking for enlightenment in 10 days, i got to know how deeply i have been trapped in my own mind. Recognizing that we all have deep mental diseases is the first step it seems. I’ve always been looking around for a guru and i may find one soon maybe it too early for me but i know, this(understand “me”)is the only thing that matters, that needs to be understood,  the only thing that exists,  may i get to know it some day with or without a guru

one day I’ll complete my own manjhi story


Abhishek chaubey