My Manjhi Story – 3

Manjhi cannot be used as a singular term in my life as there are many great souls and important
situations which turned out to guide me and help me become who I am now.
I walked into my first year in Homeo medical college with the mixed feeling of being able to take
the first step to my childhood dream of becoming a homeopath but at the same time the lots of pain
regarding a few events in my life.
But I think the ones that influenced me the most are the love, care , trust and support that I did
receive from two doctors who are faculties in my college. Unfortunately we lost two out of them.
Dr.Surej Bobbin Sir and Dr.T K Jayakumar Sir are faculties who brought about a great change
in me. When I came to the college I said before I had a few events from my past that always stuck
in my mind.
Dr Surej sir was the only faculty who made sure that we were both physically and mentally
ready for attending the lectures. He could immediately read out from our faces how disappointed
or how disturbed we are and will make sure we clear it once and for all. So that all of us would be
having a fresh mind to study.
Dr. T K Jayakumar Sir was my batch’s academic coordinator. He along with my physiology
professor Dr. Reshmy Mam took care of me as I was suffering from recurrent abscess during the
first year of my college. Both of them did their best and were always there to help me.
Unfortunately, We lost Surej Sir to Covid (2021) and Jayakumar Sir to Cancer (2022).
Both of their demise was difficult to accept as they were the ones who always made sure we never
lose hope and trust on one’s own capabilities. They are one’s who taught us to live in the moment
and make the most of it & always love what you do and do what you love .

Even though they are not present physically, for sure their blessings will be always there with all
the students. I’m grateful to God and feeling blessed to have an opportunity to be a student of such
great souls.

So in my story Manjhi can’t be one person it’s both Dr Surej Sir and Dr. T K Jayakumar Sir.

Anakha Venugopal
Kottayam, Kerala