My Manjhi Story – 1

Although I have many people in my life who transformed me in various ways to be a better version of myself. But the most special one is Dinesh Ghodke.

When I did my first Online AMP in 2020 during the time of crisis with all this pandemic, it was a total surreal experience.

The deepest negative feeling that triggered my illness and I kept holding onto it and was not ready to forgive someone who was indeed very close to me. But attending these 3 days magical meditations transformed me and my inner soul blossomed and gained strength to forgive and forget all the past impressions. And start everything afresh.

In addition, spending three days with him online and diving deeper in bliss and knowledge that Dinesh bhaiya shared has helped me increase my intuitive ability. Resulting which I have also started writing poems and blogs. And, created my own youtube channel to motivate others as well.

By Priyanshi Sisodia