Dr. Faiza Khan

Dr. Faiza Khan (BHMS, FCAH) graduated from C.M.P. Homoeopathic Medical College in year 2013 and completed her Fellowship in 2016. Her keen interest in Homeopathy propelled her to assist a senior homeopath Dr. Nimish Mehta during her course of study. He enabled her to develop her skills in the ‘art of case taking’.

She was introduced to the ‘Sensation Method’ during her internship which changed her perspective towards Homeopathy. She was highly inspired by Dr. Rajan Sankaran during the posting in the clinic OPD.

She is a part of Dr. Sankaran’s Clinic wherein she manages patients and gains experience under his expert guidance. She also conducts patient awareness seminars educating people about the ‘Modus Operandi’ of homeopathic treatment.

She was invited to be the host of the mega-seminar on Homoeopathy by Dr. Sankaran where she was appreciated by all for her confident attitude.

She joined ‘The Other Song’ as a coordinator for ‘Specialty clinic’ where she put in a lot of effort and ideas in the establishment and smooth functioning of the clinic. Her interest in counseling and psychology got her to assist well- known Psychiatrist and Homoeopath Dr. Mahesh Gandhi.

She manages online courses such as Wednesdays with Rajan II and HOPE wherein she coordinates with various homoeopaths across the globe.These programs impart high quality education to Homoeopaths worldwide via e-lectures.

At the same time, her confidence and efficient public speaking skills got her selected in the ‘Teacher’s Training Program’ which is meant to refine her teaching abilities and she imparts teaching at courses for ‘the other song’. She also pursues her private practice seeing patients with various diseases.