Rajan Sankaran discusses how he was brought up with homeopathy and how he was inspired through his father. He explains how homeopathy works and how it is growing in popularity throughout the world.

Rajan Sankaran talks to the critics of homeopathy, explaining how he sees its effectiveness every day through his patients. He asks the critics to try homeopathy and see the effects for themselves.

Rajan Sankaran explains how homeopathy works and goes into detail about its ability to cure.

For the first time in India, ‘the other song‘ – International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy in collaboration with TEDMED organized TEDMEDLive “the other song”, Mumbai on 21st April, 2013. This was a global event being the first of its kind to be organized in Mumbai where the participants enjoyed a near simultaneous relay from its mother event- TEDMED Washington D.C along with live speakers from India. Dr Rajan Sankaran spoke about: “Experience how “the other song” unfolds in health and disease, and makes oneself aware of his parallel self.”

Dr. Sankaran speaks about Arjuna, the greatest warrior in Mahabharata. He discusses the last stanza in the Bhagwat Gita, which says that -as long as the human being (Arjuna) is guided by the Universal power (God/Krishna) and as long as he is acting in accordance with the universe, he cannot go wrong and only success is possible for him. He shares another story from the Mahabharata- After the Pandavas win the war, Arjuna is meant to protect the Gopis (after Lord Krishna’s death) but he is unable to use his bow and arrow and protect them. That is how Mahabharata ends.

Dr. Sankaran says that it is more important to be content and find your joy within rather finding it outside in money, fame, ego or what people think. He says that we must live everyday hundred percent and enjoy each moment hundred percent. If we live every moment hundred percent then there is no thought of tomorrow.

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